Fungal ITS Sequencing

ITS refers to the Internal Transcribed Spacer, which is a nucleic acid sequence located in the rRNA gene transcription region, or corresponding to the large and small subunit rRNA of the polycistronic rRNA precursor. The ITS sequence used for fungal identification usually includes ITS1, 5.8 S and ITS2. The length of the fungal ITS region is generally 500-750 bp.

The natural selection pressure of ITS fragments in the evolution process is very small, so it can tolerate more mutations. In the vast majority of eukaryotes, they show extensive sequence polymorphism. Even two species with very close genetic relationships can show differences in ITS sequences, showing recent evolutionary characteristics. This feature makes ITS is suitable for the molecular identification of fungal species, as well as the analysis of the phylogenetic relationship between species within the genus or between bacterial groups with obvious differences.

Because ITS sequence analysis can substantially reflect the differences of base-pair among genera, species and strains, and ITS sequence fragments are small and easy to analyze, it has been widely used in phylogenetic studies among different species in fungal genera.

Flowchart for fungal identification using molecular phylogenetic analysis Fig.1 Flowchart for fungal identification using molecular phylogenetic analysis. (Raja H, et al. 2012)

Our Service Process

The service process of fungal ITS sequencing - Creative Biogene

Service Offering

Service Package Service Content Period
Fungal ITS identification 1
  • Sequence amplification of ITS1, ITS4 and ITS5
  • PCR and sequencing identification
1-2 weeks
Fungal ITS identification 2
  • Sequence amplification of ITS1, ITS4 and ITS5
  • Connection of T vector and sequencing identification
  • Sequencing alignment analysis
2-3 weeks

Creative Biogene's fungal ITS sequencing service provides results including,

  • Electrophoretogram of PCR products
  • Sequencing peak file
  • Sequencing report
  • Sequence alignment and identification results
  • Evolutionary tree results

Advantages of Our Services

  • We will provide service solutions according to your requirements, allowing you to have a one-stop service experience
  • We have an advanced high-throughput sequencing platform and professional researchers.
  • Our services are undertaken to GMP standards.
  • We have a well-established quality management system and have passed ISO 9001:2015 certification.
  • We regularly accept audits from our customers to ensure that we meet their high standards.

Creative Biogene is an expert in microbial identification services and has accumulated years of experience in fungal ITS sequencing. Our advanced sequencing platform ensures that we provide you with efficient standard service procedures, high-quality experimental data and comprehensive bioinformatics analysis. Our services including DNA extraction of fungus, PCR amplification, purification, sequencing, and analysis.

If you are interested in our services, please contact us for more details.


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