Extreme Environment Microecology

Extreme Environment Microecology

There are many extreme environments in nature, such as glaciers, volcanic craters, deep seas, etc. These places are not suitable for the survival of humans and other animals and plants, but there are a large number of microbes. These microbes are extremophiles. The extremophiles mainly include thermophilic bacteria, psychrotrophic bacteria, halophilic bacteria, acidophilic bacteria, and extreme anaerobes, etc.

In recent years, scientists have successively discovered new life forms in extreme environments. Some unique genetic types of extremophiles thrive in these "life forbidden zones". Because the special living environment creates the complexity of cells and the differences in their functions, the value of scientific research and the application prospects of metabolites as products are immeasurable, such as the application of low-temperature enzymes, drug storage and transportation.

Technical Process

  • The process of extremophile high-throughput sequencing analysis.

The process of extremophile high-throughput sequencing analysis - Creative Biogene

  • The process of extremophile PCR-DEEG analysis.

The process of extremophile PCR-DEEG analysis - Creative Biogene

Sample Type and Detection Type

  • The sample types are 3-5g fresh samples.
  • The requirements of DNA sample: total DNA ≥ 500ng, DNA concentration ≥ 10ng/μL, OD260/280 = 1.8 - 2.0.
  • The main detection types are bacteria, fungi and archaebacteria, etc.

What Can We Offer?

Creative Biogene uses molecular biology combined with high-throughput sequencing methods to obtain information about most of the microbes in the sample. Through statistical and bioinformatics analysis, a large amount of data is processed and analyzed to find the diversity of the microbial community structure in the sample, then to help you complete scientific research.

The specific service content includes the following aspects, microbial isolation & cultivation, microbial identification, microbial sequencing, microbial proteomics, microbial metabonomics, microbial genome editing and bioinformatics analysis.

Bioinformatics analysis

OTU clustering Taxonomic analysis Phylogenetic analysis Analysis based on OUT Gene function  analysis
OTU distribution
Rarefaction curve
Shannon index curve
Rank abundance curve
Diversity index
Community composition analysis
Community correlation analysis
Community difference analysis
  • NMDS analysis
  • PCA
  • PCoA
  • LEfSe differential analysis
  • Network diagram
UniFrac analysis
Phylogenetic tree
OTU correlation analysis
  • Heatmap
  • Venn diagram
KEGG analysis
GO analysis
MetaCyc analysis
EggNOG analysis
CAZy analysis
CARD analysis

Our Advantages 

  • We provide a full range of extreme environment microecology solutions to meet your various needs.
  • High quality, quick turnaround time and affordable cost.
  • We will feedback progress to customers in time to ensure that your requirements are met.

Creative Biogene's skilled microbiologists have extensive experience of providing GMP standard services to the extreme environment microecology. Combining rich project experience, strict data quality control and professional analysis process, we will ensure that the project is carried out accurately and quickly. We look forward to working with you for your cooperation.

If you are interested in our services, please contact us for more details.


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