Graphical Analysis

Graphical analysis can use the graphic to visualize the interrelationships and evolutionary relationships between microbes more vividly and concretely. It can also quickly compare changes between microbiomes, display the abundance of communities, and distinguish two or more microbial communities. Creative Biogene's graphical analysis services include the following aspects, they are LEfSe differential analysis, phylogenetic tree, network diagram and heatmap.

Graphical analysis – Creative Biogene

Service Offering

LEfSe Differential Analysis

LEfSe is used to discover high-dimensional biomarkers and reveal genomic characteristics, including genes, metabolism and classification. It can achieve the comparison between multiple groups so as to find species with significant differences in abundance between groups, and distinguish two or more biological groups.

Phylogenetic Tree

The evolutionary relationship between organisms can be expressed in the form of trees. The phylogenetic tree is a tree diagram showing the evolutionary relationships between species that are considered to have a common ancestor. We will use more than two methods to construct a phylogenetic tree to provide the most accurate and reliable results for you.

Network Diagram

The Network relationship is a means of data analysis, which can be used as an analysis method in the field of ecology. The network diagram can visually show the species abundance between different samples or groups. Different colors represent different samples, and the area of nodes represents species abundance.


The heatmap uses color shades instead of data tables to make many regular results more obvious. Moreover, the heatmap can not only quickly compare the changes between groups, but also show the abundance of each sample in the group and the repetition between samples in the group.

Tool Used

Analytical tools used in our graphical analysis service include LEfSe, Cytoscape, MEGA and iTOL software, R language tools, as well as other related tools.

Advantages of Our Services

  • Professional bioinformatics team of experts.
  • Customize the services according to your needs
  • Well-established quality management system

Creative Biogene has many years of experience in microbial bioinformatics analysis. Our team is composed of professional scientists, researchers and technicians. We can not only provide customers with standardized analysis content that has undergone rigorous testing and evaluation, but also can provide a full range of personalized customized analysis services according to the customer's project requirements.

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