Routine Analysis

The main purpose of Creative Biogene's routine analysis service is to study the microbial community diversity and the interrelationship between different microbial communities, involving microbial species abundance, evenness, and classification. The routine analysis items include the following aspects, they are microbial taxonomy & species identification, OTU clustering & correlation analysis, Shannon diversity index, rarefaction curve, rank abundance curve and Venn diagram.

Routine analysis – Creative Biogene

Service Offering

Microbial Taxonomy & Species Identification

We provide taxonomic analysis and community structure composition histograms. The service could play a role in the characterization of probiotics,clinical microbiology,strain sub-typing & epidemiology,food safety testing,agricultural & environmental research,academic research and other fields.

OTU Clustering & Correlation Analysis

According to the similarity specified by the customer, OTU division and bioinformatics statistical analysis are performed on all sequences. Then compare and analyze the similarity level of OTU representative sequences to obtain the classification information of each OTU species.

Shannon Diversity Index

Shannon Diversity reflects the level of microbial diversity in a sample or community. The microbial diversity index of each sample's sequencing amount at different sequencing depths is used to construct a curve to reflect the microbial diversity of each sample at different sequencing amounts.

Rarefaction Curve

The rarefaction curve is composed of the number of individuals and species. It can be used to compare the abundance of species in samples with different sequencing data volumes, and explain whether the amount of sequencing data of a sample is reasonable.

Rank Abundance Curve

The rank abundance curve is a graph used to show relative species abundance, which is also a component of biodiversity. It can also be applied to visualize species richness and species evenness.

Venn Diagram

The Venn diagram can be used to analyze the species and number of unique or common species among different sample groups to intuitively show the similarity and overlap of species composition among sample groups.

Tool Used

Analytical tools used in our routine analysis service include mothur, ucust and usearch software, SILVA, EzTaxon-e and GreenGenes database, R and Perl language tools, as well as other related tools.

Advantages of Our Services

  • Rich project experience and scientific scheme design.
  • Professional analysis team and advanced platforms.
  • Well-established quality management system

Creative Biogene has many years of experience in microbial bioinformatics analysis. Our team is composed of professional scientists, researchers and technicians. We can not only provide customers with standardized analysis content that has undergone rigorous testing and evaluation, but also can provide a full range of personalized customized analysis services according to the customer's project requirements.

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