Bioinformatics Analysis

With the development of microbiology, an increasing number of data needs to be collected, sorted, analyzed, and applied. At the same time, bioinformatics and sequencing technologies have flourished in recent years. In this context, how to mine, interpret, as well as utilize existing sequencing and experimental data, and convert them into useful information, has become a more meaningful work than sequencing itself.

Creative Biogene is an expert in the field of microbiology research. We rely on the professional team, well-established analysis platform and rich service experience to find changes of microbes from complex experimental data and the mechanisms that cause these changes, so as to provide you with reliable microbial bioinformatics analysis services.

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Bioinformatics Analysis

Routine Analysis

The main purpose of routine analysis services is to study the diversity of microbial communities and the interrelationship between different microbial communities, involving microbial species abundance, evenness, and microbial classification.

Bioinformatics Analysis

Graphical Analysis

Graphical analysis has the ability to visualize the interrelationships and evolutionary relationships between microbes more vividly and concretely. It can also quickly compare changes between microbiomes, display the abundance of communities, and distinguish two or more microbial communities.

Bioinformatics Analysis

Difference Analysis

Through microbial difference analysis, it is possible to detect differences in abundance in various microbial communities, and find different species. Meanwhile, it can analyze the relationship between microbes and environmental factors or hosts, and search for the signature flora or genes with specific functions.

Bioinformatics Analysis

Environmental Factor & Microbe

RDA and CCA are sorting methods developed based on correspondence analysis. These two analysis methods are mainly used to reflect the relationship between the flora and the environmental factors, and they can detect the relationship between environmental factors, samples, and flora, or the relationship between two.

Bioinformatics Analysis

Gene Function Analysis

Whole-genome sequencing will produce a large amount of data, and comparison methods are generally used to annotate the predicted coding genes. In microbial gene function analysis, protein comparison is conducted through various function databases to obtain the function information of the gene.

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