Untargeted Metabonomics

Untargeted Metabonomics

Untargeted metabolomics, also known as discovery metabolomics, is mainly used to compare the metabolomes (all metabolites of a certain organism) of the control group and the experimental group to find the differences in their metabolites. Metabonomics researches use LC-MS, GC-MS, NMR and other technologies to unbiasedly detect the dynamic changes of all small molecular metabolites before or after stimulation or disturbance in cells, tissues, organs or organisms, helping researchers find different metabolites from numerous metabolites at a glance, and providing an "aerial" perspective. Then conduct pathway analysis of differential metabolites through bio-information analysis to find out regulatory enzymes and genes, and complete the research on disease pathogenesis and effective agent treatment mechanism.

Creative Biogene has launched untargeted metabolomics services and established a variety of sample processing technical platforms. You only need to tell us your experimental purpose and send us your samples. We will be responsible for all follow-up matters of the project, including sample preparation, sample detection, mass spectrometry, bioinformatics analysis, etc.

Service Offering

LC-MS Detection

LC-MS combines the ability of liquid chromatograph to effectively separate thermal instability, high boiling point compounds, and the strong component identification ability of mass spectrometer. It is a high-end instrument in the organic matter analysis market and an effective method for separating as well as analyzing complex organic mixtures. LC-MS detection is widely used in the fields of biology, medicine, chemical industry, agriculture and environment.

GC-MS Detection

GC-MS is a method that combines the characteristics of gas chromatography and mass spectrometry to identify different substances in samples. It has the traits of mature and stable technology, high resolution and good qualitative effect. GC-MS is mainly used in many fields such as industrial inspection, food safety, environmental protection, and medical health.

NMR Detection

NMR spectroscopy technology has always been the main analysis technology for the structural information of organic compounds and biomolecules. NMR spectroscopy technology has developed at an astonishing speed and has become an indispensable analytical tool in the field of cutting-edge scientific and technological fields including biology, food, chemistry, battery films and metabolite analysis.

Our Service Process

The service process of untargeted metabonomics - Creative Biogene

Advantages of Our Services

  • Customize the experimental scheme according to your needs.
  • Experienced researchers and advanced platforms.
  • Professional bioinformatics analysis.
  • Well-established quality management system.

Creative Biogene is a forward-looking research institution and a leading customer service provider in the field of untargeted metabonomics. Our experienced scientists choose the most suitable detection strategy and data analysis pipeline according to your samples and research purposes. We use advanced detection and analysis platforms to provide you with results of good reproducibility and high accuracy.

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