Bacterial Fermentation

Bacteria are mainly used to produce organic acids and alcohols by anaerobic fermentation and enzymes by aerobic fermentation processes. Creative Biogene is highly experienced in numerous types of fermentations using bacteria and can help you determine and optimize the potential yields of an array of different fermentation products. From strain screening and expression optimization through process development and scale-up to GMP production, we are experts in microbial process development and cGMP manufacturing.

Fermentation Services

  • Strain mutation or genetic engineering
  • Strain screening and expression parameter testing
  • Media optimization
  • Fermentation process development
  • Downstream purification

Fermentation Services

Microbial Expression Systems

Bacterial protein expression systems are advantageous in several important ways, including their fast rate of reproduction, ease of culture, and production of recombinant protein with high yields. As they can grow to high densities with inexpensive media, bacteria are also highly suitable for large-scale fermentations.

Bacterial Expression Platform

Bacterial Expression Platform

With years of experience in microbial fermentation, one of our core areas of expertise is the development of large-scale processes for recombinant protein expression in microbial hosts. Now customers can flexibly choose an option that fits their requirements, from codon optimization to gene synthesis to small-scale testing and scale-up, together with protein purification and characterization.

Service Options for Fermentation Projects

Our experts have utilized microbial systems to express a wide variety of proteins.

Product Types

Other Options for Fermented End-products

Bacterial Strain Options

Fermentation Plants

2-5 L fermenters, incubation chambers, master cell bank, etc. Cutting edge technology focused on versatility for all types of development projects (up to 2,000 L fermenter). Different fermentation chamber capacities.
Auxiliary tanks and continuous sterilizers.
Distillation columns.

Choose Your Configuration

Creative Biogene offers a diverse array of configurations in solid, liquid, and powder formats to deliver on your off-the-shelf and contract fermentation needs.

Packaging sizes range from small and ready-to-use to bulk super sacks.
Powders are also available in water-soluble packets for fast, hassle-free dosing.
Liquids are available in quarts to tanker loads and every packaging size in between.
We offer non-formulated liquids for custom formulations and fully formulated liquids and concentrates for further formulation or dilution.
Dissolution rates depend on the solid's chemistry, size, aspect ratio, and the temperature and flow of the placement environment.
We provide diverse extruded solid shapes in sizes suited to institutional as well as municipal and industrial applications.

Creative Biogene has an unparalleled track record in working with many different types of products and providing highly complex fermentation services. We have extensive experience with processes developed internally, as well as those transferred into our facilities for scale up. Our licensed facilities are prepared to meet preclinical to marketed production needs.

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