Factory Environment Microecology

Factory Environment Microecology

Due to the requirements of product characteristics, lots of factories such as food factories, pharmaceutical factories, and cosmetics factories have strict requirements for the production and processing environment. In many cases, the production environment and even the microbes in the products need to be tested. The current GMP requirements for aseptic products produced by aseptic processes require microbial identification to reach the species level. The rapid genetic type determination method is recommended for identification purposes, and this method has proven to be more accurate than biochemical methods and phenotyping techniques.

Since its establishment, Creative Biogene has been providing microbial services for universities, research institutes, and pharmaceutical factories, etc. With extensive experience, we are able to offer microbial diversity testing in the factory environment.

Technical Process

  • The process of factory environment microbe high-throughput sequencing analysis.

The process of factory environment microbe high-throughput sequencing analysis - Creative Biogene

  • The process of factory environment microbe PCR-DEEG analysis.

The process of factory environment microbe PCR-DEEG analysis - Creative Biogene

Sample Type and Detection Type

  • The requirements of DNA sample: total DNA ≥ 500ng, DNA concentration ≥ 10ng/μL, OD260/280 = 1.8 - 2.0.
  • The main detection types are bacteria, fungi, etc.

What Can We Offer?

  • Detect the type and relative abundance of mixed microbes in the sample.
  • Identification of pure bacteria.
  • Detect the absolute amount of specific bacteria in the sample.

The specific service content includes the following aspects, microbial isolation & cultivation, microbial identification, microbial sequencing, microbial proteomics, microbial metabonomics and bioinformatics analysis.

Bioinformatics analysis

OTU clustering Taxonomic analysis Phylogenetic analysis Analysis based on OUT Gene function  analysis
OTU distribution
Rarefaction curve
Shannon index curve
Rank abundance curve
Diversity index
Community composition analysis
Community correlation analysis
Community difference analysis
  • NMDS analysis
  • PCA
  • PCoA
  • LEfSe differential analysis
  • Network diagram
UniFrac analysis
Phylogenetic tree
OTU correlation analysis
  • Heatmap
  • Venn diagram
KEGG analysis
GO analysis
MetaCyc analysis
EggNOG analysis
CAZy analysis
CARD analysis

Our Advantages 

  • Our professional researchers have rich experience in microecology solutions.
  • Simplified workflows with comprehensive bioinformatics analysis and high quality publishable data delivery.
  • Fast turnaround time, high quality and reasonable price.

Creative Biogene focuses on the field of factory environment microecology, and has accumulated years of experience to provide the best services and solutions to accelerate the realization of customer’s research goals. Combining rich project experience, strict data quality control and professional analysis process, we will ensure that the project is carried out accurately and quickly. You can choose us with confidence, we anticipate your presence.

If you are interested in our services, please contact us for more details.

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