Special Environment

Special environment microbes can adapt to the limits of the environment. These microbes are a treasure of biological genetics and functional diversity. They not only play an important role in the origin and evolution of life, but also have irreplaceable applications in the study of specialized genotypes, physiological mechanisms and metabolites, revealing the mechanism of colonization of these microbes in hostile ecosystems. Enzymes isolated from special environment microbes are currently being used for their commercial interests and industrial applications.

Special Environment

Solution Offering

Extreme Environment Microecology

In recent years, scientists have successively discovered variable microbes in extreme environments. Creative Biogene uses molecular biology combined with high-throughput sequencing methods to obtain information about most of the microbes in the sample. Through statistical and bioinformatics analysis, a large amount of data is processed and analyzed to find the diversity of the extreme environment microbial community structure in the sample.

Heavy Metal Contaminated Microbe

The ecological restoration of heavy metal pollution mainly uses natural microbial resources in plants or soil to reduce the toxicity of heavy metals, so as to reduce the concentration of pollutants to an acceptable level.Creative Biogene obtains information about most microbes in the heavy metal contaminated. Then through bioinformatics analysis, we process and analyze a large amount of data to find the composition of microbial communities related to environmental factors to carry out further research.

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  • Simplified workflows with comprehensive bioinformatics analysis and high quality publishable data delivery.
  • Quick turnaround as little as 3-6 weeks
  • Well-established quality management system.

Creative Biogene is the world's leading microbiology company. Our team is composed of professional scientists, researchers and technicians. We combine with rich project experience, strict data quality control and a professional analysis process, to ensure that the project is carried out accurately and quickly. We look forward to working with you for your cooperation.

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