Microbes are closely related to human production and life. In industrial production, microbes can be used in food fermentation, biogas fermentation, mineral detection and mining, sewage treatment and other fields. Microbial production is clean, safe, renewable, and will not pollute the environment. It is an ideal material for industrial. Creative Biogene's industrial microbial solutions include factory environmental microecology, microbial fermentation, oil microecology and activated sludge microecology.


Solution Offering

Factory Environment Microecology

Due to the requirements of product characteristics, lots of factories have strict requirements for the production and processing environment. Creative Biogene has been providing microbial services for universities, research institutes, and pharmaceutical factories, etc. With extensive experience, we are able to offer microbial diversity testing in the factory environment since its establishment.

Microbial Fermentation

The application of fermentation engineering includes the pharmaceutical industry, food industry, energy industry, chemical industry, agriculture, environmental protection and other fields. We have summarized the rich application technology service experience and can provide customers with professional and personalized products and supporting fermentation technical solutions.

Oil Microecology

Many fuels such as oil are formed under the long-term direct action of various microbes.  Microbes can also be used to explore and extract oil.  At Creative Biogene, we use the latest molecular methods to identify and quantify microbes known to influence corrosion. We also offer an analysis of the entire microbial community in the oil field.

Activated Sludge Microecology

Activated sludge is a general term for microbial communities and the organic and inorganic substances to which they are attached, and is mainly used for wastewater treatment. Creative Biogene offers you the solutions to reveal the types of microbes in activated sludge and their relative abundance, explore microbial diversity, and study the correlation between activated sludge microbes and the environment.

Our Advantages

  • Complete solution for microbes and industry.
  • Customize the microbial solutions according to your needs.
  • High quality, quick turnaround time and affordable cost.
  • Well-established quality management system.

Creative Biogene has many years of experience in the microbial industry. Our team is composed of professional scientists, researchers and technicians. The bioinformatics service we offer is excellent in speed, accuracy and sensitivity, the result we provide is with good reproducibility. With high quality and reasonable prices, we sincerely look forward to serving you.

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