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Microbial fermentation processes have been manipulated by humans and are used extensively in the production of various foods and other commercial products, including pharmaceuticals. Microbial fermentation can also be useful for identifying microbes for diagnostic purposes. Several fermentation products are important commercially outside of the food industry. For example, chemical solvents such as acetone and butanol are produced during acetone-butanol-ethanol fermentation. Complex organic pharmaceutical compounds used in antibiotics, vaccines, and vitamins are produced through mixed acid fermentation.

Industrial fermentation by microorganisms relies on defined starter cultures with desirable characteristics to ensure consistency and commercial viability. The selection of defined starters depends on specific phenotypes that benefit the product by guaranteeing shelf life and ensuring safety, texture, and flavour. Lactic acid bacteria can produce a number of bioactive metabolites during fermentation, such as bacteriocins, biogenic amines, exopolysaccharides, and proteolytically released peptides, among others. Prebiotics are added to food fermentations to improve the performance of probiotics. It has also been found that prebiotics fermented in the gut can have benefits that go beyond helping probiotic growth. Studies are now looking at how the fermentation of prebiotics such as fructo-oligosaccharides can help in the prevention of diseases such as osteoporosis, obesity, and colorectal cancer. The potential to prevent or even treat disease through the fermentation of food is a medically and commercially attractive goal and is showing increasing promise.

Microbial cultures require highly developed specialized capabilities such as increased demand for aeration and agitation. The high growth rates result in rapidly changing conditions which require fast response times, accurate sensors and reliable controls for pH, DO, temperature in order to control the culture conditions. Advanced analytical capabilities from our portfolio including online pH, off-gas and biomass measurement allow predictive process modeling and control.

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Creative Biogene specializes in providing sophisticated downstream processing, formulation, fill/finish, and release testing services, including GMP. We have extensive experience in the development and manufacturing of finished formulations and APIs for pharmaceutical products, pesticides, veterinary medicines and industrial enzymes by using microorganisms. With the usage of cutting-edge facilities, commitment to quality, innovative nature, and dedicated project management, our experts team helps your fermentation product reach its full potential whether for small-scale development projects or commercial-scale market leadership. Our integrated fermentation and purification development, and analytical development teams work together to achieve program goals with the highest quality while maintaining the flexibility to accommodate a program's needs.

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