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Reproductive health is related to the prevention and treatment of reproductive tract diseases, fertility regulation, maternal and child health, etc. It is a major social and public health issue of global concern. The female reproductive tract is an open cavity, where a huge number of microbes of different species reside, and it is a very important microbial area of the human body, which is closely related to female health. The female vagina microecology is mainly dominated by Lactobacillus. The healthy male reproductive tract has a normal microbial flora, and it is in a symbiotic relationship with the host and the environment in mutual restraint, coordination, and dynamic balance. The imbalance of the genital tract flora will cause a series of related diseases. Reproductive tract microbes are affected by many factors, including hormonal changes, pathogen invasion, and antibiotic drug use, etc. Common pathogens are Candida albicans, Staphylococcus aureus and Staphylococcus epidermidis.

Research Direction

The main research directions of reproductive tract microbes including,

  • Compare the differences in the reproductive tract microbes between diseased and healthy individuals.
  • Explore the changes of microbes in the development of reproductive tract diseases.
  • Search for drug targets of reproductive tract microbes.
  • Study the changes of the reproductive tract microbes under drug interference.

Technical Process

  • The process of reproductive tract microbe high-throughput sequencing analysis.

The process of skin microbe high-throughput sequencing analysis - Creative Biogene

  • The process of reproductive tract microbe PCR-DEEG analysis.

The process of skin microbe PCR-DEEG analysis - Creative Biogene

Sample Type and Detection Type

  • The sample types are genital secretions. Recommend to collect samples according to relevant literature, and use our product - microbial sample collection.
  • The main detection types are bacteria and fungi, viruses.

What Can We Offer?

Creative Biogene uses molecular biology combined with high-throughput sequencing to obtain information about most microbes in the reproductive tract. Then through bioinformatics analysis, a large amount of data is processed and analyzed to find the composition of microbial community related to environmental factors in the reproductive tract, so as to carry out further research.

The specific service content includes the following aspects, microbial isolation & cultivation, microbial identification, microbial sequencing, microbial proteomics, microbial metabonomics, microbial genome editing and bioinformatics analysis.

Bioinformatics analysis

OTU clustering Taxonomic analysis Phylogenetic analysis Analysis based on OUT Gene function  analysis
OTU distribution
Rarefaction curve
Shannon index curve
Rank abundance curve
Diversity index
Community composition analysis
Community correlation analysis
Community difference analysis
  • NMDS analysis
  • PCA
  • PCoA
  • LEfSe differential analysis
  • Network diagram
UniFrac analysis
Phylogenetic tree
OTU correlation analysis
  • Heatmap
  • Venn diagram
KEGG analysis
GO analysis
MetaCyc analysis
EggNOG analysis
CAZy analysis
CARD analysis

Our Advantages 

  • Complete solution for reproductive tract microecology, allowing you to enjoy a one-stop experience.
  • We have a professional team of experts who can conduct personalized bioinformatics analysis according to your needs.
  • We provide fast turnaround, high quality analysis reports at competitive prices.

Research on the intestinal flora is in full swing, but the study of reproductive tract microecology which is of great significance to the health of reproduction and offspring, should also be fully paid attention to. Creative Biogene is a forward-looking research institution in the field of reproductive tract microecology solution. Our advanced analysis platforms are established to provide you with results of good reproducibility. You can choose us without hesitation.

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