OTU Clustering & Correlation Analysis

OUT refers to the operational taxonomic unit, which is the same mark artificially set for a certain taxonomic unit to facilitate analysis in phylogenetic research or population genetics research. In bioinformatics analysis, generally speaking, each sequence obtained by sequencing comes from one bacterium. To understand the number of bacteria, genera and so on in the sequencing result of a sample, it is necessary to perform a cluster operation on the sequence. Through categorization, the sequences are divided into many groups based on their similarities, and one group is an OTU.

Cluster analysis of OTUs obtained from the 454 pyrosequencing of the 16S rDNAFig.1 Cluster analysis of OTUs obtained from the 454 pyrosequencing of the 16S rDNA. ( Sun B, et al. 2014)

Service Offering

OUT community clustering, according to the similarity specified by the customers, OTU division and bioinformatics statistical analysis were performed for all sequences. In the study of bacterial 16S diversity, OTU clustering is mainly carried out based on 97% sequence similarity. In the study of functional gene diversity, the fluctuation of clustering similarity is relatively large, and the clustering similarity of different functional genes is about 80%.

OTU and cluster with 97% identity threshold – Creative Biogene

OTU species annotation, in order to obtain the species classification information corresponding to each OTU, the Bayesian algorithm can be used to carry out taxonomic comparison analysis on the OTU representative sequence of a certain similarity level, and the community composition of each sample are counted respectively at each classification level (domain, kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus and species).

Tool Used

Analytical tools used in our OTU clustering and correlation analysis service include ucust/usearch software, SILVA database, EzTaxon-e database, GreenGenes database and other related tools.

Turnaround Time

In general, our turnaround time is 2-6 weeks depending on the size of your project.

Advantages of Our Services 

  • We have rich experience in OTU clustering and correlation analysis.
  • We will customize the analysis items according to your requirements, and offer you a one-stop service.
  • We provide fast turnaround, high quality analysis reports at competitive prices.
  • We have well-established management system.

Creative Biogene is a forward-looking research institution and a leading customer service provider in the field of OTU clustering and correlation analysis. We use advanced analysis platforms to provide you with results of good reproducibility. The service we offer is excellent in speed, accuracy and sensitivity. You can choose us with confidence.

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  1. Sun Bo, et al. (2014). "A long‐term field experiment of soil transplantation demonstrating the role of contemporary geographic separation in shaping soil microbial community structure." Ecology and evolution. 4.7: 1073-1087.
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