Salmonella Genome Editing


Salmonella is a facultative anaerobic gram-negative corynebacteria, and is an important medical pathogen for humans and animals. Salmonella forms a complex bacterial community that consists of two species and six subspecies, including more than 2579 serotypes. Salmonella enteritidis and Salmonella typhimurium are the most common strains of Salmonella.

Salmonella is a common foodborne pathogen, which can cause food poisoning in humans. According to statistics, among the types of bacterial food poisoning in various countries in the world, food poisoning caused by Salmonella is often ranked first, responsible for an estimated 100 million human infections and one million deaths annually.

Application of Salmonella Genome Editing

However, Salmonella is not all bad. The genome editing of Salmonella plays an important role in medical research. The selective targeting of the tumor tissue of Salmonella makes it an ideal carrier for tumors. As an intracellular parasite, Salmonella can replicate and inhibit tumor growth in tumor tissues effectively. After genetic engineering, it can be used as a vector for tumor gene therapy in vivo or in vitro for liver cancer, stomach cancer and colorectal cancer.

The researchers use a variety of genetic engineering techniques to modify the genome of Salmonella to reduce the virulence of the Salmonella, so as to obtain the attenuated strain. The high immunogenicity is maintained while the pathogenicity to the host is reduced, thus ensuring the safety of the clinical application.

Service Offering

Creative Biogene uses two methods to achieve Salmonella genome editing, they are,

  • Salmonella genome editing based on Rec
  • Salmonella genome editing based on CRISPR/Cas9

The specific content of the Salmonella genome editing service provided by Creative Biogene includes,

  • Salmonella gene knockout
  • Salmonella gene knock-in
  • Salmonella gene activation and inhibition
  • Salmonella gene point mutation

Turnaround Time

In general, our turnaround time is 4-8 weeks depending on the size of your project.

Advantages of Our Services 

  • Traceless gene editing technology, security is guaranteed.
  • The need for multiple gene knockouts can be realized simultaneously.
  • High gene editing efficiency and recombination efficiency.
  • We can combine the demands of customers, and negotiate to determine the content of services.
  • Short turnaround time and high cost performance.

Creative Biogene has excellent microbiology experts, well-established gene editing platforms, and professional bioinformatics analysis to provide you with a one-stop service in Salmonella genome editing. We believe that our services will make your project more effective.  

If you are interested in our services, please contact us for more details.


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