Microbial Expression Systems

Creative Biogene offers custom microbial expression and production services with cutting-edge solutions. Now customers can flexibly choose an option that fits their requirements, from codon optimization to gene synthesis to small-scale testing and scale-up, together with protein purification and characterization. Our customized workflow can meet your downstream applications.

Bacterial Expression Platform

E. coli is a well-known expression system, easily genetically manipulated, that supports low-cost and high-yield production of a broad range of recombinant proteins, such as cytokines, enzymes, immunogens, and antibody fragments. We have developed a specialized protein refolding technology for recovering biologically functional proteins from inclusion bodies, which is available for large-scale manufacturing. High throughput E. coli expression platform offers a cost-effective option for small-scale expression to help expedite your target screening projects. We have successfully delivered thousand batches of recombinant proteins through E. coli expression system.

Other well-known expression hosts are lactic acid bacteria (LAB) for lactic acid production and Bacillus species (such as B. subtilis, B. amyloliquefaciens, B. licheniformis, B. megaterium etc.) for the production of enzymes, antibiotics, surfactins, and biopolymers.

Yeast Expression Platform

Yeast cell factories, which is a distinguished production system, combine the advantages of prokaryotic features, such as fast growth, high expression levels, easy scale-up, inexpensive growth media and easy genetic manipulation, as well as eukaryotic features including a secretory pathway leading to correct protein processing and post-translational modifications. We can use Saccharomyces cerevisiae for yeast fermentation to produce biopharmaceuticals. We also use Pichia pastoris, a robust yeast expression system that produces high levels of recombinant proteins. The Pichia system is stable, durable, and cost-effective. Pichia grows on simple media and secretes low amounts of endogenous protein, making it easier to recover and purify the desired recombinant protein from the cell supernatant.

Fungal Expression Platform

Fungi are the most efficient producers of the enzymes needed for this purpose and in addition they produce a plethora of secondary metabolites, among which novel antibiotics can be found. Industrial application and exploitation of the metabolic capacities of fungi requires highly productive and robust gene expression systems, which can be achieved by selection of appropriate species and strain improvement.



Service Capabilities

Service Items Service Details
Gene synthesis, Cloning, Plasmid Prep ▪ Gene synthesis and Codon optimization
▪ Subcloning into appropriate expression vector
▪ Plasmid Prep and DNA QC
Protein Expression Evaluation ▪ Transform plasmids into appropriate microbial expression strain
▪ Protein expression evaluation and optimization
Protein Purification, Tag Removal (Optional) and Refolding (Optional) ▪ Scale up protein expression using optimized conditions
▪ Purification to reach desired protein amounts and purity
* Tag removal and separation of tag-free protein
* Refolding in case of insoluble protein
QC and Delivery ▪ Purity analysis and Detection using SDS-PAGE and Western Blot (for tagged protein)
▪ Bradford assay for quantitation
▪ Protein delivery


  • Optimized gene sequence report
  • Protein in buffered solution with your specified amount & purity
  • QC data

Our manufacturing processes can be operated in numerous modes (e.g., batch, fed batch, and perfusion) and we offer a full suite of manufacturing including whole cell preparations, recombinant products from microbial hosts, and naturally produced cellular products. Processing can be carried out as either non-GMP or GMP.

If you are interested in our services, please contact us for more details.

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