Clathrochloris Cultivation

Clathrochloris are spherical to oval bacteria that reproduce by binary division and are not motile. Usually arranged in loose lattice-like aggregates. Colony color is yellow-green. Bacteria contain air bubbles.

Clathrochloris CultivationFigure 1. Clathrochloris. (Koppen OI, et al.; 2008)

Clathrochloris is an anaerobic bacteria. In the presence of hydrogen sulfide, it can carry out photosynthesis and produce spherical elemental sulfur as an intermediate oxide, which is precipitated outside the cell. The cell suspensions appear yellow-green in different shades.

Clathrochloris Culture Service

Clathrochloris Sulfurica

The cell diameter of Clathrochloris Sulfurica is about 0.5-1.5 μm, and the color of cell stacks and aggregates is yellow-green. Under natural conditions, Clathrochloris Sulfurica lives in exposed and hydrogen sulfide-containing mud and stagnant water, as well as in hot springs and lake bottom hydrostatic layers.

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