DAFs Analysis

Differentially abundant features (DAFs) analysis will use rigorous statistical methods to detect the differences in the abundance of the two microbial communities groups based on the obtained community abundance data. Multiple hypothesis testing of rare frequency data and false discovery rate (FDR) analysis are conducted to evaluate the significance of the observed differences. The analysis can choose to enter different taxonomic levels such as phylum, class, order, family and genera.

For the 16s data, in order to analyze the flora with significant differences in abundance in different groups, Metastats, which is an improved statistical method for analysis of metagenomics data, appeared in 2009. In the plot, each point represents an OTU belonging to each Genus, and only significant OTUs assigned at the genus level are shown.

Differentially abundant features: GS macaques vs. healthy controls on GD Fig.1 Differentially abundant features: GS macaques vs. healthy controls on GD. (Mohan M, et al. 2016)

Service Offering

Our services in terms of DAFs analysis include,

  • Data processing
  • DAFs analysis and DAFs plot drawing
  • Other customized services you require

Tool Used

Analytical tools used in our DAFs analysis service include Metastats, and other related tools. Metastats is used to analyze the significant differences between the two sets of samples at different taxonomic levels, and at the same time sort out the significant differences of the low taxonomic levels included in the high taxonomic level.

Postscript: two commonly used tools to find different species in different groups are Metastats and LEfSe. In terms of algorithm principle, Metastats is the integration of non-parametric multiple testing and p-value correction, while LEfSe is the integration of Metastats and LDA discrimination.

The relationship between LEfSe and Metastats

Turnaround Time

In general, our turnaround time is 2-4 weeks depending on the size of your project.

Advantages of Our Services 

  • We have a rich experience in bioinformatics analysis, especially in DAFs analysis.
  • We can combine the needs of customers, and negotiate to determine the content of services.
  • Our comprehensive and detailed service content allows you to enjoy a one-stop experience.
  • We will feedback progress to customers in time to ensure that your requirements are met.

Creative Biogene is a forward-looking research institution in the field of DAFs analysis. We use advanced analysis platforms to provide you with results of good reproducibility. The service we offer is excellent in speed, accuracy and sensitivity. With high quality and reasonable price, we sincerely look forward to serving you.

If you are interested in our services, please contact us for more details.


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