Rank Abundance Curve

The rank abundance curve is a way to analyze diversity. The construction method is to count the number of sequences contained in each OTU in a single sample, and sort the OTUs according to the abundance (number of sequences contained) from large to small. Then take the OTU level as the abscissa, and take the sequence number contained in each OTU or the relative percentage content of sequence number in OTU as the ordinate to make the curve.

The rank abundance curve can be used to explain two aspects of diversity, species abundance and species evenness. In the horizontal direction, the width of the curve reflects the abundance of species, the higher the abundance of species is, the larger the range of the curve on the abscissa. The smoothness of the curve reflects the evenness of species, the smoother the curve, the more uniform the distribution of species.

Rank abundance analysis of the different bacterial community groupsFig.1 Rank abundance analysis of the different bacterial community groups. (Wu S, et al. 2012)

Application Filed

The rank abundance curve is a graph used to show relative species abundance, which is also a component of biodiversity. It can also be applied to visualize species richness and species evenness. Rank abundance curve overcomes the disadvantages that the biodiversity index is unable to display the relative roles of different variables in its calculation.

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Under the OUT of 97% similarity, the R language tool is used to make the curve.

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