Many studies have shown that microbes play an important role in lots of fields of agriculture. The rational use of microbes in agricultural production can increase the yield and quality of products, improve animal health, reduce the amount of fertilizer, and protect the ecological environment. Creative Biogene is ideally placed to deliver a broad range of services to the agricultural. The solutions we provide cover the following aspects, soil microecology, root microecology, digestive tract microecology and functional microbes.

Solution Offering

Soil Microecology

Soil microbiome is one of the core resources in the fields of industrial and agricultural production, medicine and health, and environmental protection. We focus on the field of soil microecology, we can help you customize solutions to solve the problem of microbial identification, sequencing, bioinformatics analysis and others.

Root Microecology

We use high-throughput sequencing, PCR-DGGE, real-time fluorescent quantitative PCR and other methods to sequence DNA in samples. Through bioinformatics analysis, reveal the types of root microbes and their relative abundance and evolutionary relationship, explore microbial diversity, and study the correlation between root microbes and the environment.

Digestive Tract Microecology

Under normal circumstances, digestive tract microbes not only have a symbiotic relationship with the host, but also depend on and restrict each other to form a relatively stable microflora. We can make personalized solutions to assist you to study the abundance, community structure and diversity of digestive tract microbes, as well as explore the relationship between digestive tract microbes and host animals, etc.

Functional Microbes

Some microbes with special functions have received widespread attention due to the importance or particularity of their functions.  At present, a variety of techniques such as physiology, biochemistry, molecular and microscopy can be used to identify and study various functions of microbial communities.

Our Advantages

  • Experienced researchers and advanced bioinformatics platform.
  • Customize the service and combine it with a quick turnaround at an affordable cost.
  • A full range of agriculture microecology solutions to meet your various needs.

Scientists believe that the use of microbial science in agriculture will bring unprecedented opportunities. Creative Biogene is a forward-looking research institution in the field of agriculture microecology. Combining rich project experience, strict data quality control and professional analysis process, we will ensure that the project is carried out accurately and quickly. We will uphold the belief of pursuing high quality and the spirit of professionalism to provide you with our optimal service.

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