Microbial Metabonomics

Genomics and proteomics explore the activities of life from the level of genes and proteins respectively. In fact, many life activities in cells occur at the level of metabolites, such as cell signal release, energy transfer, and intercellular communication, which are regulated by metabolites. Genes and protein expression are closely linked, and metabolites are more reflective of the cell's environment, which in turn is closely related to the nutritional status of cells, the effects of drugs and environmental pollutants, and the influence of other external factors. So some people think that genomics and proteomics tell you what might happen, while metabolomics tells you what actually happened.

Metabolomics is the simultaneous qualitative and quantitative analysis of all metabolites of a certain biological component or cell under a specific physiological period or condition to find out the target different metabolites. Metabolomics has emerged in the post-genomics era, and its main goal is to quantitatively study the multiple dynamic responses of living organisms to external stimuli, pathophysiological changes, and their own genetic mutations in vivo. Metabolomics was born at the end of the last century and was founded by Professor Jeremy Nicholson of Imperial University in London. Since then, it has been developed rapidly and penetrated into many fields, such as disease diagnosis, pharmaceutical research and development, nutritional food science, toxicology, environmental science, botany and other fields closely related to human health care.

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