Targeted Metabonomics

Targeted Metabonomics

Targeted metabolomics is not only an important part of metabolomics research, but also an extension of total metabolome research. Compared with total metabolome analysis, targeted metabolome analysis has several characteristics such as strong specificity, high detection sensitivity and accurate quantification. Through the accurate quantitative and qualitative analysis of a specific metabolite in blood, urine or other body fluids and tissues, it can be combined with other experimental data to reveal the relevant molecular biological mechanism of action. On the other hand, targeted metabolomics research can also provide strong support for the further research, development and utilization of metabolic molecular markers. Targeted metabolomics can be used to verify the hypotheses proposed by non-targeted metabolomics experiments, conduct exploratory experiments based on the hypotheses, and study metabolic models for specific metabolites.

The key factors for the success of targeted metabolomics analysis are accuracy, high throughput and reliability. The technical solutions commonly used by Creative Biogene include conventional liquid-mass spectrometry (LC-MS), gas-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) analysis technology and multiple-reaction monitoring technology (MRM). Firstly, the LC-MS method is used to perform large-scale metabolome analysis on the sample to be analyzed. Then by comparing with the analysis results of the standard products under the same analysis conditions, the qualitative and quantitative analysis of the target metabolite group in the sample is achieved. MRM technology is based on known or assumed reactive ion information, selects data for mass spectrometry signal acquisition in a targeted manner, and then records the signal of the ion pair that conforms to the rule, removes the interference of the unregulated ion signal. This technology generates unique fragments of ions, which can monitor and quantify target compounds in very complex matrices.

Service Offering

Short-Chain Fatty Acid Detection

Short-chain fatty acids can store energy,reduce osmotic pressure, and can also promote the absorption of sodium. The detection of short-chain fatty acids is helpful for the research of pathological mechanisms, auxiliary diagnosis of disease, drug development and treatment effect monitoring.

Bile Acid Detection

Bile acids play an important role in promoting lipid emulsification and enhancing pancreatic lipolysis, directly participate in lipid and glucose metabolism. Bile acids are also closely related to obesity and immune response. Bile acid detection can assist you in the above researches.

Amino Acid Detection

Amino acids are directly involved in the metabolism of the human body. In clinical medicine, amino acids are closely related to obesity, tumor, cardiovascular disease, metabolic disease and nervous system disease. Amino acid detection services make these studies easier to do.

Neurotransmitter Detection

In recent years, neurotransmitters have become the subject of intensive research. The detection of neurotransmitters also plays a very important role in the study of memory and learning, epilepsy, Parkinson's disease, metabolic diseases and tumors.

Plant Hormone Detection

Plant hormones are organic compounds produced in plants that can regulate their own physiological processes. Plant hormone detection is often used in the field of agriculture, including research on plant anti-stress mechanisms, growth and development mechanisms, and breeding protection.

Service Process

The service process of targeted metabonomics - Creative Biogene

Advantages of Our Services

  • Customize the experimental scheme according to your needs.
  • Experienced researchers and advanced platforms.
  • Professional bioinformatics analysis.
  • Well-established quality management system.

Creative Biogene is a forward-looking research institution and a leading customer service provider in the field of targeted metabonomics. Our experienced scientists choose the most suitable detection strategy and data analysis pipeline according to your samples and research purposes. We use advanced detection and analysis platforms to provide you with results of good reproducibility and high accuracy.

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