Microbial DNA Sequencing


Microbial DNA sequencing technology is a rapidly developing research field in recent years. Researchers extract samples of microbial populations in the environment and analyze the genomes of microbes through DNA sequence analysis tools. Many genes have been discovered. By studying the interaction of these genes and their impact on the environment, it will be of great significance to the research of medical health, environmental governance and ecosystems.

In microbial DNA sequencing, because of the large number of species, traditional sequencing methods cannot be used to solve the microbial problems. Creative Biogene has many sequencing methods based on a professional high-throughput platform, and provides you with a full range of microbial DNA sequencing solutions.

Service Offering

Amplicon Sequencing

We provide sequencing of the bacterial 16S rRNA gene for variable regions 4 (V4) or variable regions 1 through 3 (V1-V3), fungal ITS2 region and custom marker genes of your choice. We combine the low-bias amplication method with an optimal closed reference alignment to offer you more accurate data than the standard method.

Metagenomic Sequencing

Based on a complete metagenomic sequencing platform, we can achieve 16S metagenomic sequencing and viral metagenomic sequencing. We also provide functional metagenomics to identify the genes coding for the carbohydrate-active enzyme, resistance genes, disease causing genes, etc.

Shallow Shotgun Sequencing

Compared with amplicon sequencing, shallow shotgun sequencing provides a less biased representation of the microbial community and higher taxonomic resolution. And it's a cost-effective and high-quality method for microbial DNA sequencing.

Deep Shotgun Sequencing

Deep shotgun sequencing is especially used in oncology. Besides, it possesses the ability to provide detailed information on taxonomy, and the functional potential of the metagenome. This approach is incomparable for correlating with metadata, multi-omics, and other study variables to unlock the microbiome.

De Novo Sequencing

Compared with other sequencing methods, de novo sequencing has the superiority of generating accurate reference sequences even for complex or polyploid genomes, elucidating highly similar or repetitive regions, as well as identifying structural variations and complex rearrangements.

Whole Genome Resequencing

Whole Genome Resequencing amplifies a single reference genome into the genetic characteristics of a biological population in the cheapest way. If you want to explore drug resistance mechanism, screen for excellent traits, or study population evolution, this method is suitable for you.

Our Service Process

The service process of microbial DNA sequencing - Creative Biogene

Advantages of Our Services

  • Customize the experimental scheme according to your needs.
  • Experienced researchers and advanced platform.
  • Well-established quality management system

Creative Biogene is a forward-looking research institution and a leading customer service provider in the field of microbial DNA sequencing. Our experienced scientists choose the most suitable sequencing strategy and data analysis pipeline according to your samples and research purposes. We use the advanced high-throughput sequencing platform to provide you with several kinds of DNA sequencing services.

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