CAZy Analysis

The CAZy (Carbohydrate-Active enZYmes) database was established in 1998. It is a professional database resource about enzymes that can synthesize or decompose complex carbohydrates and sugar complexes. Based on the similarity of amino acid sequences in protein domains, carbohydrate-active enzymes are classified into different protein families. The CAZy database provides the family information of enzyme molecular sequences, species source, gene sequence, protein sequence, three-dimensional structure, EC classification, and related database links. This database is established to correlate the sequence, structure, and catalytic mechanism of enzyme molecules.

Family distribution and protein listings of the CAZy and associated proteins identified in genomes contain the information of 17,538 bacteria, 412 viruses, 385 archaea and 293 eukaryotic. CAZy has three levels, the first level is six functional categories, namely GH, GT, AA, CE PL and CBM, the second level is the CAZy family, the third is the specific enzyme information with the EC number.

CAZy functional annotation of identified genesFig.1 CAZy functional annotation of identified genes. (Sha Y, et al. 2020)

Service Offering

The CAZy family annotation information of the genome can be obtained by comparing the predictive genes with the CAZy database using the protein alignment tool,

  • CAZy level one (6 categories)
  • CAZy level two (family)

The summary statistics of the level one annotation results of all bins can draw combined bin box plots, bin-CAZy heat maps, bin-CAZy stacked plots, and bin-CAZy pie charts. The summary statistics of the level two annotation results of all bins can plot the number of bin families in different bins.

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