Microbes are ubiquitous and have ecological interactions with almost all life forms. Similarly, humans are always involved in host-microbial interactions, which may induce short-term or long-term effects. Some of these interactions have enabled microbes to successfully colonize inside or on the surface of the human body. The human microbiome is thought to play a crucial role in various physiological processes such as digestion, immunity, defense, growth and development. Any biological disorder in the structure of the human microbiome may induce the onset of various metabolic or physiological diseases.

Solution Offering

Intestinal Microecology

The intestinal microecosystem is the largest and most important microecosystem in the human body. Through a series of technical methods, we will explore the interrelationship between intestinal microbes and the environment, and study the function and mechanism of intestinal microbes.

Oral Microecology

Based on 16S rDNA/18S rDNA genes, optimize experimental methods, use high-throughput sequencing technology to analyze the diversity of oral microbes, obtain an accurate analysis of community structure, and phylogenetic relationships, then increase people's understanding of oral health and disease-related microbes.

Skin Microecology

Skin health should not be neglected. If the skin microecological balance is broken, it may destroy the skin barrier and lead to the adverse development of the immune system, thus causing skin and even systemic diseases. We provide a complete solution for your skin microecology research, and invites you to enjoy a one-step service experience.

Reproductive Tract Microecology

We use molecular biology combined with high-throughput sequencing to obtain information about most microbes in the reproductive tract. Then through bioinformatics analysis, lots of data is processed and analyzed to find the composition of microbial community related to environmental factors in the reproductive tract, so as to carry out further research.

Food Microecology

Food-derived diseases caused by microbial contamination are the most prominent problems in world food safety. We are dedicated to providing researchers with accurate food microbial detection sequence data using the most advanced technology and sequencing platform.

Microbial Pharmacy

Microbial pharmacy plays an important role in current and future social development. We focus on the field of microbial pharmacy. Combining rich project experience, strict data quality control and professional analysis process, we will ensure that the project is carried out accurately and quickly.

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