Isolation & Cultivation of Specific Bacteria

Microorganisms exist in a mixed state in nature. To obtain the desired strains, they must be isolated. Accidental contamination during the preservation of the bacteria should also be purified. There are many methods of microbial isolation and purification, but the basic principle is similar, that is, the sample to be isolated is diluted to a certain extent, and the microbial cells (or spores) will exist in a dispersed state as far as possible, and then they will grow into a single colony of pure species. The above work is inseparable from inoculation, which is the process of transferring one microorganism to another sterilized medium.

For the cultivation of specific bacteria, one or more special media suitable for the growth of specific bacteria are often used. Culture of bacteria, fungi and actinomycetes is common, and the culture of single species can also be carried out.

Cultivation of specific bacteria

Cultivable Samples

  • Animal or human fecal samples.
  • Environmental samples such as soil, silt and other.

Our Service Process

The service process of isolation & cultivation of specific bacteria- Creative Biogene

  1. High-throughput sequencing technology is used to detect the type and relative abundance of microorganisms in the sample.
  2. Determine whether the target strain of interest exists in the sample. After that, determine the culture conditions and medium of the target strain by referring related literature.
  3. Utilize the medium and culture conditions of the specific bacteria to cultivate the target strains, and at the same time carry out large-scale isolation and purification operations to find the target strain.
  4. High-throughput sequencing technology is used again to identify the final purified target strain, and confirm the target strain at the genetic level.

Advantages of Our Services

The traditional isolation and cultivation of specific bacteria methods are not connected with sequencing technology. It’s not accurate to screen out bacterial groups only through a specific medium. Many results have no reference value, and the operation is time-consuming and laborious.

Creative Biogene not only has a second-generation high-throughput sequencing platform, but also established a complete aerobic/anaerobic separation and culture platform, combining the two, Creative Biogene provide customers with efficient aerobic/anaerobic targeted isolation and cultivation services, and help customers get specific strains.

Creative Biogene provides a variety of solutions for the separation and cultivation of specific bacteria to meet customers' microbiological analysis needs. Our services include high-throughput sequencing, determination of the culture conditions, isolation, cultivation, purification and identification of the target strain. Our goal is to help customers cope with increasingly severe microbiological challenges.

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