Microbes are everywhere in the biosphere, and they are the most important decomposers in the environment. They play an extremely important role in maintaining the ecological balance of the material cycle and decomposing biological residues. Microbes can be used in water pollution control, air pollution control, and bioremediation. Therefore, it is necessary to study the role of microbes in the environment and their potential mechanisms.

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Water Microecology

Wherever there is water, there will be microbes. By analyzing the population structure and diversity of water bodies as well as studying their dynamic changes, it is possible to fully understand the composition of water microbes, to provide a reliable basis for optimizing community structure and regulating community functions.

Airborne Microecology

The air has a strong transmission capacity. The pathogenic microbes may turn the air into a transmission medium and cause the epidemic of infectious diseases. Therefore, conducting airborne microbial testing to determine the nature and degree of air pollution caused by bacteria or viruses is of great significance for the prevention and control of infectious diseases as well as environmental hygienic supervision.

Microbial Biofilm

Microbial biofilms are closely related to the formation of microbial resistance, gene transfer and persistent infections. Biofilm technology has been widely used and has become a research hotspot. We will provide you with our optimal microbial biofilm solutions.

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