Fermentation at Different Scales

Creative Biogene possesses a fermentation platform consisting of large fermentation tanks, bioreactors, and large-scale purification systems. The facility can manufacture recombinant proteins and metabolites at high-purity and gram level, as well as media optimization and cell culture scalability experiments. The fermentation facility provides seed culture development and culture scale-up from shake flasks to pilot scale fermentors. Two benchtop fermentors are available for comparative studies. Batch, fed-batch and continuous cultures of yeast, bacteria are produced under stringently controlled conditions using four state-of-the-art fermentors.

Fermentation at Different Scales

Our fermentation services are available at any scale for both fed-batch and continuous cultivation. Codon optimization, gene synthesis, small scale expression test, fermentation process optimization and protein purification, are included in service portfolios. The capacity of our recombinant production is high enough to suite different needs.

Bacterial Protein Expression System Fungal Protein Expression System
* Gene optimization * Gene optimization
* Vector construction * Vector construction
* Expression & Evaluation * Transformation of expression strains
* Condition optimization * Screening of expression strains
* Large-scale protein fermentation * Condition optimization
* Large-scale protein purification * Large-scale protein expression and purification

Service Packages

  • Standard Fermentation Service
  • High Cell Density Fermentation Service
  • Fermentation Process Optimization Service
  • Downstream Processing Service

The high cell density fermentation by fed-batch strategies is one of the most cost-effective means of achieving high yields for the production of heterologous proteins, which is widely used in the bio-industry. In fed-batch cultures, cell mass and productivity are maximized by controlling culture conditions such as the temperature and pH, the composition of the feed media, and the substrate feed rate.

Our Strength

  • Rich experience in protein expression, development and production
  • High-throughput and large-scale protein expression and production
  • Large-scale purification with multiple technologies
  • Various volume capacities ranging from 5 to 10,000 L to meet different expression needs
  • Comprehensive technical services from gene synthesis and expression vector construction to protein purification and characterization

Turnaround Time

2-5 weeks


  • Cell pellet
  • Recombinant protein (100-1000mg/L)
  • Detailed protocol
  • Fermentation data
  • QC datasheet

With abundant experience in biological fermentation, and multiple microbial cultures and expression vectors, Creative Biogene can provide you with high-quality fermentation services at different scales, especially for industrial and cGMP fermentation. You only need to provide the gene sequence of your target protein or the established vector, and we will start the service as you select.

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