Lab Scale Microbial Fermentation

Lab Scale Microbial Fermentation

Fermentation is the process that engineered microorganisms produce large amounts of added-value intermediates or chemicals in a designed bioreactor. These products can be food supplements, pharmaceuticals, industrial platform compounds and others. Fermentation is a part of the upstream process and it occurs before recovery, purification, formulation, filling and packaging in the biomanufacturing workflow. Creative Biogene offers world-class fermentation capabilities. Your project will benefit from our scientific expertise as a leading development and manufacturer of fermentation processes at our advanced facility. We bring the same degree of expertise and passion to your project as we do with our own, supporting you from cell bank development through to large-scale manufacturing.

Types of Products

  • Live biotherapeutic products (LBPs)
  • Pharmaceutical small molecule API
  • Bulk food ingredients, food supplements
  • Agrochemical active ingredients
  • Semi-synthetic products
  • Enzymes, proteins, cell pellets
  • Biopesticides

Types of Organisms

Lab Scale Microbial Fermentation


Lab Scale Microbial Fermentation

E. coli

Lab Scale Microbial Fermentation


Lab Scale Microbial Fermentation


Lab Scale Microbial Fermentation


Lab Scale Microbial Fermentation


Development Manufacturing (NON-GMP)

Development and Preclinical activities are executed as non-GMP studies. Early Clinical Manufacturing is supported with qualified analytical test methods and Late Stage Clinical Studies are supported with validated methods and processes. Our lab-scale fermentation volume ranges from 0.5L to 100L and the conduction mimics the large-scale manufacturing. Our flexible application of stage-appropriate activities results in cost savings for early stages while providing the full regulatory support necessary to set up further advancement of programs into the late stage and commercial manufacturing.

  • Strain improvement via classical and recombinant methods

We have years of experience in strain genetic engineering and have the cutting-edge fermentation technologies used for clone selection and optimization.

  • Preparation of R&D, master and working cell banks

Characterization services are conducted to test the identity, purity, and genetic stability of microbial cell banks.

  • Inoculum process development

Fermentation process optimization is one of the most crucial parts to achieve a high yield production and a relatively low cost.

  • Fermentation and downstream process development and characterization

Optimize the culture condition such as the medium, temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen through classical optimization methods. These methods comprise statistical medium optimization, response surface methodology, and other technologies.

We are committed to maintaining a secure supply chain to reliably meet long-term toll manufacturing and pharmaceutical fermentation demand. With our state-of-the-art technology and industry-leading expertise, Creative Biogene has an unparalleled track record in working with many different types of products and providing highly complex fermentation services, from strain development through to large scale manufacturing. Our licensed facilities are prepared to meet preclinical to marketed production needs.

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