Oral Flocking Swab

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Oral Flocking Swab
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50 times/box
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Saliva sample collection, DFA test, rapid and direct test, enzyme immunoassay test(ELISA), PCR and molecular diagnostic-based test
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The oral flocking sampling swab is composed of nylon short fiber fluff head and medical-grade ABS plastic rod. It is better than traditional swabs for sample collection and release,and it does not cause damage to the cell sample to ensure the survival rate of the cell sample, does not leave fatty acids, does not affect the test detection effect. It is widely used in the field of genetic test.


1 It has superior collection performance for micro-test materials such as oral cells and saliva.n2 It can quickly adsorb small samples with high release efficiency.n3 The unique broken design at the back of the swab is conducive to the automatic extraction workstation for sample extraction.n4 Independently sterilized packaging to avoid contamination.

For Research Use Only.
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