Disposable Virus Sampling Tube & Transport Preservation Medium

 Product Information

Cat #
50 kits/box
Applicable For
Collection and transportation of clinical influenza, avian influenza, hand, foot and mouth disease, measles and mycoplasma, ureaplasma, chlamydia and other virus specimens
Device Storage
Room temperature: 10 days
-80℃: Indefinitely
Sample Source
Nose, mouth, throat, biological fluids, environmental samples
One 12 ml sampling tube contains 3 ml preservation solution, one swab, individually packed


This product is a universal sampling product that can quickly inactivate viruses and avoid the risk of aerosol infection. It can be used for sampling various virus samples, chlamydia samples, and ureaplasma samples.


1 The medium has the effect of virus inactivation agent, which can inactivate virus samples and protect RNA from degradation.
2 The thickened sample tube and anti-leakage design ensure that the sample does not leak.

For Research Use Only.

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