Soil Microbial DNA Collection and Preservation Kit

 Product Information

Cat #
Applicable For
Next-Generation Sequencing, qPCR, microarray
Device Storage
Room temperature: 10 days
-20℃ & -80℃: Indefinitely
Sample Source
Sterile preservation tube (containing soil microbial DNA preservation solution at room temperature), aseptic collection spoon and gloves


This product contains consumables and preservation solutions required for the collection and preservation of soil microorganisms, and can preserve the DNA of soil microorganism samples under normal temperature conditions. This product is safe and reliable.


1 The swab head and the preservation tube are both are sterilized.
2 Soil samples can be collected and preserved at room temperature.
3 Simple to use, you can directly immerse the soil sample in the microorganism preservation solution.
4 The microbial DNA extracted from the preservation solution can be subsequently used in restriction digestion, PCR and other molecular biology experiment.

For Research Use Only.
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